Where can I buy everything ???

We now have a shop via PayPal see below.

For MP3 downloads of both Slaughterhouse albums and all Bully Wee Band by track and full album go to ITunes or Amazon

And for those that prefer hard copies of all except the back catalogue of Bully Wee via mail order, e mail us on

And obviously in person at gigs !!

Please place your order below for Feast of Fiddles Tickets 2018 @ Chatham A - E (Stalls) or H - L (Raised)

NB : Due to a printing error on this year's Feast of Fiddles fliers if you would like to call for your tickets please ring 01634 241108 or email sarah-jayne@iancutler.com

Feast of Fiddles 2018 Stalls

Feast of Fiddles 2018 Raised

Fast One


Slaughterhouse Live
Wizard's Walk