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Tickets are available online here for Barn Dance in a Barn @ Court Farm , Halling on Saturday 20th May 2017 with the Hot Rats Tickets £10 each


Ian Cutler is one of the foremost fiddle players in the UK Starting his career at the age of 7 years , he has been playing for more years than he cares to mention.

First performing in the iconic cult film "The Wicker Man" and then going on to play with " Bully Wee". He now plays with numerous gatherings including "Feast of Fiddles", the now reformed "Bully Wee Band" , "Hot Rats" and with Dave Cousins of the Strawbs as a duo and also with the "Blue Angel Orchestra".

(Thanks to Chris Tong for this great picture from Sweeps 2016.)

Ian's albums are now available on our online shop as well as downloads.

New CD available "Wizard's Walk" by Hudson & Cutler


If you would like to buy Ian's albums, Bully Wee, Feast of Fiddles or Hot Rats on-line please go to our shop or email us on sarah-jayne@iancutler.com


Gothic Ivy by Bridge Violins & Peter Pracownik



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